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We provide intelligent and digital solutions in areas like tax preparation, accounting,
payroll and compliance.

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Tax filing

Provides you with a filling-in system that makes tax declarations child’s playSave time with the auto scan functionMake a free simulation and download your tax return in PDF format

An optimization is offered free of charge. The helpdesk as well as a fast and efficient customer service are available 24/7 to answer all questions. 

Payslip management

Salary.lu allows you to manage payslips, as well as to download your declarations.  

Organise your employees’ leave, give them the opportunity to apply for leave and validate it online. The data on the taken and remaining leave is automatically inserted on your employees’ salary slips. The dashboard on Salary.lu makes sure you do not forget any steps. 

Pro Version: Manage your clients’ payslips easily. No fuss, no complicated processes. 

All-in-one finance

(Beta) Invoicing, payments and accounting for freelancers and small companies. 

Offers a complete management of your finances online. Generate recurring invoices and send reminders with one click. Optimise your coding with a secure connection to your bank accounts. 

The bank-like security and data protection improve the 360° overview of your assets. 

Finance management

A 360° platformFrom a simple presentation of financial statements to a steering and collaboration tool. See all your finances in a single and easy view. No accountant or fiduciary necessary. 

Digital bank statements and dematerialisation of receipts: Automatic transfer of bank statements and receipts from customers in digital form.

Game of Code 2020
Hackathon Winner

Bookkeeping optimisation

Shoebox.lu helps you to optimize your bookkeeping and exchanges with your accountant.

Read more about shoebox.lu and our first prize at the open banking challenge of the 2020 game of code hackathon on siliconluxembourg.lucorporatenews.lu and itone.lu.

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